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Grantmaking Procedures

Grant Application Process

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests at this time. Organizations are invited to submit an application by Foundation staff and directors.

In most cases, the application process begins with a letter of inquiry followed by a full proposal submitted on the Foundation's password-restricted online grants portal. Staff will communicate all grant cycle deadlines to applicants at the time of the invitation. The typical timeframe from LOI submission to award notification is 4 to 6 months.

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Due Diligence

Foundation staff carefully evaluate the organization's track record, demonstrated impact, leadership, staffing structure, financial health, and more. Foundation staff will typically conduct a site visit to those organizations who have been invited to submit a full proposal.


Organizations must be classified as public charities and tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Grants may be made to units of government in certain circumstances. The Foundation does not provide grants to individuals, and does not fund political causes or lobbying.

Geographic Interests

The Foundation currently prioritizes programs serving the Tri-County South Florida Region (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties). 

Funding Decisions

Following the due diligence process, staff will present a recommendation to Foundation Directors, who will make a funding decision. Foundation staff will notify all applicants on the status of their request.

Types of Grants Provided

The Foundation may provide single or multiple years of support, depending on the program or project proposed. 


The Foundation will prioritize support for specific programs and projects that have demonstrable need and impact.  From time to time, the Foundation may also provide general operating, capacity-building, capital and/or endowment support.  


Grant sizes will vary based on the organization and funded program or project.

Grant Application Cycles

The Foundation implements 3 to 4 grant cycles each year. The Foundation operates on a calendar year.

2021 Funding Focus Areas & Goals

Kid Football Player

Youth Development Goals

  • At-risk youth, teens, and young adults (ages 18 - 24) will be on the path to self-sufficiency through college- and career-readiness programs.

  • At-risk youth will participate in activities and experiences that help them develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies.


Workforce Development Goals

  • Underemployed and unemployed adults will be on the path to self-sufficiency through job preparation, training, and job placement programs.

  • Ensure that barriers to self-sufficiency are addressed through a range of support services, including case management and childcare provision.

Gardening Lesson

Healthy Communities Goals

  • Encourage healthy lifestyles and behaviors through education, awareness, and sustainable solutions.

  • Improve health outcomes of youth and adults living in underserved communities by increasing access to nutritious foods, recreational activities and healthcare services. 

High School Orchestra

Arts Education & Outreach Goals

  • Provide high-quality arts education programming to youth during school, afterschool, and summer programs.

  • Ensure that all children – regardless of income level – have the opportunity to experience and learn about the arts.


Scholarship Goals

  • Fund scholarships that allow students to pursue higher education, increase their career options, fill workforce gaps in the community (nursing, vocational, etc.), and decrease the need for student loans.

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